The hub

Our Aim for September

Starting in September 2024, we will open an alternative provision site for six to eight neurodivergent children in years four and five. This will be in addition to our current provision.

The location for the hub will be in the Frome area, Somerset. We will run for 16.5 hours over three days a week, 9:30 – 3 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, in term-time only (38 weeks). 

The children who will join us will be neurodivergent and have EOTAS or an EHCP because they are unable to access mainstream education. Some may also have had previous traumatic experiences in school such as bullying or feeling unable to cope with what was expected. They may be experiencing anxiety or mental ill-health.  

This site will provide the innovative educational and emotional support that people have come to expect from Gecko, as well as the opportunity for children to meet teachers and peers face-to-face in a warm, welcoming and safe environment. 

The hub will be run by expert and highly experienced teachers. They will provide lessons based around English, Maths and Science, in a style that meets the individual needs of each child. Alongside these core subjects, we will also run an Arts Award and the Neurobears program. Neurobears is a neurodivergent-affirming course which allows children to explore what neurodivergence means for them, boosting not only self-understanding but also confidence in who they are.  

Additional information

This hub will supplement the main learning a child receives elsewhere, as this hub will not be in place of the child’s main education.  The hub will be registered with Ofsted on the voluntary childcare register. 

The children will not need to attend for the full 16.5 hours, and we are aware that children may need transitional support to build up to attending a new provision. Each child will initially have a bespoke timetable, as they build up their attendance to what is right for them. 

We are anticipating a very high level of demand for this service, but unfortunately will have limited places to offer. We will have a waiting list for any students who wish to join us after the places have filled. 

In Summer term 2 we plan to offer one day a week for getting to know the team and other young people. 

If you want any more information, or would like to book in for a chat, please contact Emily Hartley-Heaven at