Acceptance, advocacy, autonomy

What We offer

All of our sessions are 1:1 and online, delivered in a variety of ways according to the young person’s choice (audio, video, typing, mixed media). 

Sessions last for up to 50 – 60 minutes.

We always start with a Family session.  

We offer Mentor sessions and Learning sessions. 

Learning can take a few different forms. It could be Project sessions, Explorers, ASDAN or GCSEs. This are described below.

— Mentor Sessions

Mentor sessions are led by the young person. The aim is to support them in exploring their neurology through a neurodivergent-affirming lens, re-building self-confidence, helping them re-discover their love of learning (on their terms) and act as a positive Neurodivergent role model. Mentors also support young people who are in crisis, have cPTSD and work therapeutically with them to process trauma. 

All sessions are student led. Self-discovery and recovery is achieved through the therapeutic relationship between the mentor and the young person. The length of this process is determined by the young person and is organic, not time limited or prescriptive. 

All mentors use a trauma informed framework (PACE).  Mentor sessions are usually once a week.

— Project sessions

Project sessions bring in learning. These sessions are with teachers and can flow between, or focus on, English, Maths or Science. This can lead to GCSE’s or other qualifications when a young person is ready.

These sessions are student-led, based on an interest chosen by the student. This can be an opportunity to both explore particular interests and to expand these interests into new areas. We find that engaging with Neurodivergent students on subjects they are already knowledgeable about, interested in and comfortable learning about, often expands into new areas of learning in a way that suits the interests and abilities of a student.

Project sessions can be once, twice or three times a week.

— GCSE's

For students who are ready, we also offer GCSE’s in English Language, Maths, Computer Science and Biology. 

— Functional Skills

For students that are not ready for GCSE’s, we also offer qualifications in functional skills in Maths and English.


We also offer ASDAN projects and qualifications. The focus would be chosen by a young person and completed with a teacher.

“ASDAN is an education charity and awarding organisation providing courses, accredited curriculum programmes and regulated qualifications to engage, elevate and empower young people aged 11 to 25 years in greatest need.”

— Explorers

Explorers is our exploratory learning programme. The sessions involve the young person being immersed in a fictional narrative set in a 14th century castle. Within the castle, they explore the context and interact with a variety of characters. As they do so, they become involved in learning activities that stretch right across the curriculum – from writing diary entries, to designing shields, to researching gender inequality.

— Family Session

We start with a family session with a parent or carer, the young person and Gecko staff member. We do this over live video calling but they young person would not have to be seen or need to speak if they do not have to.

The session offers a gentle introduction to Gecko with a parent or carer’s support. It allows the young person to decide how the future sessions will work and what they will be about. After this first session, further sessions are 1:1 (or with parental support if the young person would like).

Arts Award

Arts Award takes children and young people on a creative journey, exploring the arts world, discovering their potential as artists, developing leadership skills – and gaining a recognised qualification along the way.

Open to anyone aged 25 or under, this unique set of arts qualifications builds skills essential for success in the 21st century: Creativity and communication, along with problem-solving, reflective-thinking and confidence.



To hear someone who has had similar experiences and has come through it all gives my daughter a real sense of knowing she’s not alone in feeling as she does. She has gained some realistic coping strategies in areas she struggles with, plus there is an exploration of why she might struggle in the first place.


My son has a health condition which has meant he has missed a lot of school, his lessons have been tailored to his specific needs and as a result of this is making excellent progress.


English and Maths lessons are perfectly tailored to his ability and capacity to concentrate, the tutor will adapt the lesson to their needs on the day if he is struggling


“It has helped me because my mentor plays Fortnite with me sometimes, and I like playing Fortnite with people. He is a good mentor because he understands me and plays Fortnite. He is autistic like me.”